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Villa Wolf Riesling Dry

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Villa Wolf Riesling Dry A lovely viscous medium dry Riesling with plenty of peach, nectarine fruit flavour with a sharp limey acidity cutting through the slight sweetness.
Patrick Möllendorf and Sumi Gebauer worked together for several years Dr. Loosen. As a team, they now manage the entire winemaking process at Villa Wolf, from vine to cellar. They share Ernst Loosen’s philosophy that great wines are created on the vine, so they employ organic and sustainable practices to foster a balanced environment in the vineyards. THE 2018 VINTAGE The growing season in the Pfalz started early and the summer was very hot and dry, which led to an early harvest. The yields were excellent compared to the small 2017 vintage, and we were very happy to have such healthy grapes and high quality. The 2018 harvest period was unproblematic and quite smooth. Because of the dry weather conditions and the healthy state of the grapes there was no need to rush, giving us time for careful selection and very gentle handling in the cellar.
THE VILLA WOLF WINERY Founded in 1756, the J.L. Wolf estate (now called Villa Wolf ) was a successful and highly regarded winery for more than two centuries. Ernst Loosen, owner of the Dr. Loosen estate, took over the winery in 1996, launching a dramatic revival of the estate’s quality and repu- tation. The Villa Wolf varietal line-up features exceptionally affordable, classic Pfalz wines made from traditional grape varieties. THE PFALZ REGION The Pfalz (aka ‘Palatinate’) region is in the Rhine river valley in southwest Germany, directly north of France’s Alsace region. The low-lying Haardt mountains protect the area from cold, wet Atlantic weather, making it one of the warmer and drier areas of Germany. The predominant soil type in this area is well-drained, weathered sandstone. It produces wines with a fruit-driven purity and a stony structure. 750ml Bottle Size 11.9% ABV