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Seven Crofts Handcrafted Dry Gin

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Seven Crofts Handcrafted Dry Gin

Seven Crofts is the reason why we embarked on this whole project in the first place and is now available to order from our online shop.

Nose: Rich, round aromatic notes of juniper, pepper with a noticeable hint of ripe plum.

Taste: Opulent notes of perfumed forest fruit and a suggestion of woodland. The juniper is assertive with spicy hints of coriander and pink pepper and a long, warm finish.

With Tonic: Tonic still allows gin to shine (1 part gin to 2 parts tonic) on the nose. Served with orange slice (massage oils from zest into gin). Palate is balanced with tonic softening the alcohol allowing the distinctive character of the gin to assert itself.

Finish: A fresh, clean G&T with balanced and elegant yet distinctive flavours of juniper, pepper, orchard fruit and a poised, spicy finish.

The Perfect Serve: Serve in a straight glass with lots of ice, a good quality tonic and garnished with a slice of orange.

We give our traditional and signature botanicals the time they need to release their optimal aromas and flavours. Some of these are added straight into the pot, others require a more careful approach and are steamed to preserve their delicate character.
Distillation Our gins are batch distilled in Little Ella; our beautiful, small copper alembic still. Botanicals and grain spirit are carefully heated over open flames and condensed using fresh highland water. This allows us to extract the perfect flavours that make up our gins. Maturation
Once we have collected our spirit, we wait. Allowing our gins to become rounded before bottling. We check the flavour and appearance to ensure that our gins are perfect and are ready for you to taste. Made in Ullapool, Scotland. 700ml Bottle Size 43% ABV