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Little Pomona - What Does It Mean To Be Different? - Sparkling

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"Our double A(pple)-side edition celebrates the hospitality industry with colour and flavour at its core. Street food and fine dining. Front and back of house. We share differences but are one whole of a fantastic industry.

"Our story of diversity exists like every apple and amazing, authentic cider you’ve not yet tried. Crafted with 100% juice from a tasty mix of cider and dessert apple varieties, this Street Food Edition is fruity, zesty and sparkly. This cider is like wine, with a natural affinity to banging food!"

We have been thrilled to team up with leading ethical drinks consultant, Alex Fatho-BlandPlace of the Way, and distributors Cider Is Wine on an important collaboration that both seeks to celebrate diversity while also raising funds to support therapy sessions for those in the hospitality industry facing mental health challenges.

750ml Bottle Size

7.3% ABV