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Finn Thomson Whisky - North British 1988 - 34 Year Old

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Without even knowing at the time, North British was my first introduction to the world of Scotch whisky. Nestled between Murrayfield and Tynecastle Stadium, the malty smells from the distillery were synonymous with my trips to watch football and rugby matches. Even now, living in central Edinburgh, I still get wafts of the sweet, biscuity wort being produced when the wind blows the right way.

It is a distillery of great significance to my family as my grandfather and great grandfather's company, Peter Thomson Ltd, once had a stake in North British and it formed the grain base for their popular Golden Beneagles blend.

North British is one of the unsung heroes of the Scotch whisky industry. A grain distillery that produces its spirit from maize, North British is present in most of the top blends which have made Scotch whisky so famous across the world. The maize base gives the spirit a buttery texture that is more complex than many of the other single grains. It is a quite vast operation, producing around 10 bottles of whisky per second at full capacity. With no official bottlings from the distillery itself, it is left to independent bottlers like ourselves to showcase this quiet giant.

Distillation Date: 17/06/1988

Bottling Date: 17/6/2022

700ml Bottle Size

58.2% ABV