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Finn Thomson Whisky - Dufftown 1987 - 34 Year Old

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There is something incredibly special about getting to bottle a cask from a bygone era. And that’s exactly what this single cask represents.

The early 1990s saw the beginning of the boom of single malt whiskies with blended whisky slowly taking a back seat. Originally, the nutty backbone of Bells, Dufftown redefined itself as an ever so slightly more grassy style of whisky that is now recognisable as Singleton in the modern day. Indeed, those old style earthy and nutty notes are clear to see in this cask with a dark chocolate note shining through. How fitting it is that a whisky style that was originally produced for the blends of the time is now being consumed not only as a single malt but indeed as a single cask.

This cask is indeed a personal reminder of how the world of Scotch whisky changes with Time. While the names, stories and legacies will all stand the test of time, it is worth remembering that the liquid produced is ever evolving and changing with the times. Just as no two single cask releases of Finn Thomson Whisky will ever taste the same - this Dufftown shows that even the most recognisable of brands will also evolve to stay with the times.

While the name of the distillery remains, one could argue that this bottle represents an extinct style of whisky from a bygone era. This is whisky history in a bottle.

Distillation Date: 24/11/1987

Bottling Date: 17/06/2022

700ml Bottle Size

54.7% ABV