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Finn Thomson - Royal Brackla 2012 - 10 Year Old

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This cask is a throwback to the original style of the distillery and indeed the style that made it so popular that it was the first distillery to be given a Royal Warrant back in 1835. Whereas now Brackla was known for its fruity and floral style, back then it was celebrated for its peatiness. 

Whereas in times past Brackla’s smokiness came from the peated malt it used, here the peat comes from its full maturation in an ex-Islay cask. A different take on a peated whisky, the integration of peaty notes within the cask over 10 years gives it a lighter peatiness that integrates beautifully with the spirit character.

One of the great joys of being an independent bottler is finding casks that are so different to the usual style found at a distillery. In an industry where consistency is so important, it is rare to find individual casks that stand so far apart from the recognised flavour profile of the official bottlings.

700ml Bottle Size

58.2% ABV

1 of 312 Bottles