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Finn Thomson - Mannochmore 2010 - 13 Year Old

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Mannochmore is a distillery that produces an incredibly light style of whisky and the spirit can be easily overwhelmed by overly active casks. It therefore requires a carefully chosen cask to bring out the best of this light and gentle distillate.

The humble bourbon cask whisky is often overlooked these days by whisky drinkers in pursuit of heavily sherried or peated malts. Yet it is still estimated that almost 90% of Scotch whisky goes into wood that was once used for maturing bourbon. It has therefore become more and more fashionable for drinkers and producers alike to go in
search of alternative casks types to stand out from the crowd.

The trademark vanilla influences of the bourbon are front and centre here and with every sip I’ve been brought back to childhood days eating vanilla ice cream from the Allan Water Cafe in Bridge of Allan where I grew up.

700ml Bottle Size

53.4% ABV

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