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Dookit Brewing - Squeaker

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Dookit Brewing - Squeaker
Squeaker is a 3.3% rye table beer. Think of it as a mini American rye pale ale. Mainly hopped with Azacca, which brings the stone fruits, tangerine, spicy mango and piney notes on the nose and the palate. Callista was added in the dry hop to accentuate the apricot and peach notes.
The relatively high hopping rate (6g/L), all in the late stages of the boil and dry hop, is balanced by the beer's maltiness. Medium crystal, light munich, oats and dextrin malt build the body of this low abv beer along with the healthy dose of rye. Together they form a toffee like hue, a sweet and slightly smoky finish and a smooth medium body. It's been such an interesting challenge to build a beer at this strength. Everything from the low attenuating yeast (London ESB), high mash temperature (70C), short sparge and getting the right amount of dextrins in the wort to allow for a high final gravity, was essential in getting it right.
Great with my all out favourite nutty cheese, manchego. Or it would pair really well with a moderately spiced dish, especially on a school night!
330ml Bottle Size
3.3% ABV