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Daffy's - London Dry Gin

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Daffy’s is a gin like no other, created from the finest French grain spirit, distilled on an ancient copper pot whisky still with Lebanese mint and the finest botanicals to create a gin that is classic, complex, perfectly balanced and fresh with a world of intrigue.

WHY 43.4%

Well you may ask … . Many gins bottle at 37.5%, many at 40% and many much stronger … . For us and our gin 43.4% is the perfect balance of strength and flavour. Any stronger and the spirit becomes punchier, a little more closed and with a burn that breaks the concentration. Any weaker and the balance and complexity becomes too diluted and the heart of the gin becomes less strong … . That is why 43.4%. At 43.4% Daffy’s complexity is as perfectly balanced. Strong bodied with many levels of well balanced freshness, notes of citrus and mint, toffee, caramel and chocolate underpinned with a solid woody character like that of malt whisky. When enjoyed straight Daffy’s is a well rounded and smooth gin with a long finish.

Made in Inverness, Scotland.

700ml Bottle Size

43.4% ABV