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And Union Sunday 24x330ml Cans

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And Union Sunday Easy Pale Ale 24x330ml Cans IN 2007, WE STARTED TO WORK HAND-IN-HAND WITH DIFFERENT BREWMASTERS FROM SMALL, REGIONAL BAVARIAN FAMILY-RUN BREWERIES TO CREATE CRAFT LAGERS & ALES THAT WE ARE NOT ONLY PROUD TO PRODUCE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, BUT LOVE TO DRINK OURSELVES. The oldest brewery we partner with is almost 500 years old and the youngest 90 years old. We make beer the old-fashioned way with only barley, yeast, hops and water. You can’t rush craftsmanship, and thats why our traditional brewing processes take up to 12 weeks. We believe in the quality of small batches and not the quantities of mega production. We obsess about aroma, flavour and balance, not economies of scale. Our beers are unfiltered, which allows for a fuller, richer taste and smoother mouthfeel. STYLE: UNFILTERED PALE ALE. COLOUR: GOLDEN, HAZY ORANGE SUNSET. AROMA: TANGERINE PEEL, FRESH FLOWERS. PALATE: BLOOD ORANGE. RICH MALT. FINISH: CITRUSY, RESINY, HOPPY LOVELINESS. HOPS: HALLERTAU AROMA, SUMMIT. PAIRING: SOURDOUGH PIZZA, FRIED FOODS, FRAGRANT CURRIES, FALAFEL. YES, OUR BEER IS VEGAN “DON’T LET MONDAYS RUIN YOUR SUNDAY.” Made in Bavaria, Germany. 330ml Can Size 5.5% ABV 35 IBU