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Finn Thomson Whisky - Dailuaine 2011 - 11 Year Old

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Only 99 bottles.

Sampling this whisky with colleagues after the Ghent Whisky Festival in October 2022, we were all taken aback by a dramatically profound tobacco note which beautifully compliments the inherent nuttiness of the distillery character. Immediately, I wrote down that this cask should be bottled as soon as possible to make sure this unique flavour was captured and preserved.

My elation upon discovering a whisky with so much character was short-lived. I came crashing back down to Earth when we re-gauged the cask to see how many bottles we should expect from this hogshead. We discovered that the cask had leaked, meaning it would yield less than half the number of bottles we were expecting.

It could well be, however, that the leak was the cause or catalyst of this unique tobacco flavour. So, while it is a shame that only 100 bottles of this whisky will ever exist, this unfortunate act of nature might just have contributed to creating one of the most unusual whiskies I have come across.

700ml Bottle Size

56% ABV