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Finn Thomson Whisky - Caol Ila 2006 - 15 Year Old

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As the ninth in a long line of Thomsons who have shaped their lives around whisky, it has always intrigued me how a single family can produce such different characters and creations. This cask reminds me of just that. It was one of three Caol Ila casks of the same vintage that were re-racked into different types of sherry back in September 2020. All shared a history but have forged very different futures. Having sampled all three regularly over the past year and a half, this cask has exceeded expectations in its rate of maturation and depth of flavour. It is now time to bottle - the other two shall slumber on for the time being.

A unique cloudy apple cider note on the nose makes this hogshead stand out – exactly the kind of eccentricity that is a delight to discover with a single cask bottling. Sherry and peat flavours can sometimes be a challenge to marry together, but I believe we have achieved the perfect balance here. On the palate an initial burst of sherry sweetness is followed by a long building smokiness that the signature of this outstanding distillery.

Distillation Date: 16/11/2006

Bottling Date: 17/06/2022

700ml Bottle Size

51.3% ABV