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Finn Thomson - Longmorn 1988 - 33 Year Old

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" Longmorn Distillery perhaps has one of the most loyal followings of any distillery despite the fact that it flies under the radar due to a large proportion of its output being used for blends. Indeed, its fruity character was central to the recipe of my Grandfather’s bottlings of Beneagles and it is for that reason that I am blessed to have a number of casks from the distillery from the late 1980s.

On the face of it two of these casks are almost identical. Both are hogsheads with some Oloroso sherry influence giving an amber glow as well as coffee, dark chocolate and a chewy texture that coats the mouth. Both could be bottled today as incredible examples of aged whiskies from this remarkable distillery.

The only point of difference is that this cask chosen for bottling has taken on some added elements from the wood which gives it a more mature and complex taste than it’s sister cask (17154). It is undoubtedly ready for bottling now while it still has that underlying trademark Longmorn fruitiness." - Finn Thomson

700ml Bottle Size

52.2% ABV

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