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Bruichladdich - The Organic 2011

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A forthright expression from Bruichladdich's Barley Provenance Series, this 2011 vintage showcases the clarity of flavour from organically grown barley when distilled slowly in our tall narrow necked stills. Rich and creamy, with a luxurious mouthfeel.

Mid Coul farm, located close to Inverness in the north of Scotland, provided our first crop of Organic barley back in 2003. A progressive 2,755 acre estate, Mid Coul has a closed-loop fertility system that generates electricity using an anaerobic digestor while allowing almost all waste material to be recycled as fertiliser.

With no artificial input, barley is fertilised from the ground up and is therefore the purest expression of its terroir – the soil, the climate and geographical location of where it is grown.

Working in harmony with nature, this sustainable spirit is the future of whisky and an important expression in our Barley Provenance series.

The delicate floral spirit is matured in classic American oak, bringing a wonderful combination of creamy vanilla and fudge with honeyed citrus notes, ripe fruit and delicate spices.

700ml Bottle Size

50% ABV