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Wood's - Old Navy Rum

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Wood's 100 is made from the finest Demerara Sugar, produced from the sweetest sugarcane in the Caribbean, grown on the banks of the famous Demerara River in Guyana.

The rums from this region are renowned for being dark, aromatic and rich in flavour. Wood's is distilled using traditional pot stills - a method developed to create malt whisky and unchanged in 150 years.

Due to Wood’s high alcoholic strength and flavour, it has gained a reputation amongst bartenders as being "the real deal" - an essential item in their cocktail kit – and consequently as a niche, high-quality brand amongst spirit cognoscenti.

Enjoy Wood's straight, on ice, in a sophisticated cocktail or simply with a mixer such as cola, lemonade or ginger ale.

700ml Bottle Size

57% ABV