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Finn Thomson Whisky - Girvan 1989 - 33 Year Old

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“Anyone who knows Scotland understands that whisky is just one of two national drinks. The other, of course, is Irn Bru. Irn Bru and childhood in Scotland are inextricably linked.
I even remember attending Summer rugby camps as a 7-year-old where mini bottles of the fizzy drink were handed out as post-game refreshments – no doubt to the dismay of all parents who would collect their exhausted and sugar-fuelled children at the end of each day.

Trying this Girvan cask for the first time immediately reminded me of that old school pre-sugar-tax Irn Bru. The recipe and exact flavour profile of Irn Bru is a closely guarded secret but, to me, it’s a delightful combination of bubblegum and foam bananas. Strange as it sounds, both those flavours are abundant in this 33 Year Old Girvan.

Old grain whiskies have the ability to take on an incredible sweetness, sometimes akin to the characteristics of aged rums. However, this Girvan stands out in the way it has an almost man-made sweetness. It is ‘Scotland’s other national drink’ all grown up.” – Finn Thomson

700ml Bottle Size

44.9% ABV

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