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PRE-ORDER - Finn Thomson Whisky - Blair Athol 2013 - 9 Year Old

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With the Thomson family roots so deeply ingrained in Perthshire distilling, it was important to me that we showcased one of the region’s current distilleries in the first set of releases for Finn Thomson Whisky. Blair Athol is one of the unsung heroes of the industry with the vast majority of its spirit going towards some of the best-known blends around. So it is a treat to be able to present such a high quality single cask of this stalwart Perthshire single malt.

This particular cask is a smaller than usual ‘hogshead’. Originally holding around 230 litres instead of the usual 250, maturation has been faster than expected allowing us to bottle this cask at just 9 years old. Fruit, nut and chocolate flavours combine – if a famous ‘Fruit and Nut’ chocolate bar could be converted into whisky, this would be it!

Distillation Date: 15/02/2013

Bottling Date: 17/06/2022

700ml Bottle Size

59.4% ABV