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Red Squirrel Gingernut Liqueur


Made in Scotland.

500ml Bottle Size

20% ABV

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Nose: Ginger to the fore, then Rosemary slightly more pronounced than the subtler thyme, with fresh orange notes before slightly tarter lemon giving a zing, followed again at the end with another lingering ginger note.

Taste: Herbs and fruit peels plus the ginger all in tandem, fill the palate and the creaminess of Ogilvy Potato Vodka adds to the rich mouthfeel.

Finish: Spicy ginger bites comfortingly as you swallow and lingers long. The sweetness is that of a light dessert, at only 83 grams of sugar per litre it is less than half of the lowest known liqueurs.

Suitable for those who have an intolerance to dairy, gluten, lactose, nut, soya and wheat.
Low-calorie, the only liqueur produced in the UK utilising low glycaemic agave nectar and stevia, a natural plant extract, as the sweetening agent.

Made in Scotland.

500ml Bottle Size

20% ABV

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