Luksusowa Potato Vodka


Made in Poznan, Poland.

700ml Bottle Size.

40% ABV

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With a name that means “luxurious” in Polish and made from selected spuds, Luksusowa is a premium potato vodka created in 1928. Using high quality ingredients and a painstaking production process has given Luksusowa its unique character.

We take 100% Polish potato and mash the hell out of it. Then ferment and distill it through a single copper column making a raw spirit of about 90% ABV. Next our rectification master goes to work defining the character of LUKSUSOWA by removing impurities and fusel oils, whilst retaining the flavour and potato character of the spirit. It’s then diluted with only the purest water to 40% ABV and filtered for clarity. Finally it’s bottled at a rate of 7500 bottles an hour. Just don’t drink it that fast.

Made in Poznan, Poland.

700ml Bottle Size.

40% ABV

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