Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka


Made in Poland.

700ml Bottle Size

40% ABV

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The extracts attained from the buffalo or bison grass spear give GRASOVKA its mild-fruity taste of woodruff and its own fine smell. Simultaneously, taste and smell of GRASOVKA are the decisive distinctive features compared to all other vodka brands.
GRASOVKA – the original vodka speciality from Poland – is drunk mainly in its pure form thanks to its pleasant and fine nuances of taste.

The specific character of the Polish vodka Grasovka is based on its bison grass flavour; the plant grows in bunches in the clearings of the woods in the national park of Bialowieza on the border between Poland and Belarus. The rare free-living European bisons are found there as well.

Numerous attempts to cultivate that grass in other areas in the world failed. So, each spear of bison grass in a bottle of Grasovka is a present by Polish nature.

Made in Poland.

700ml Bottle Size

40% ABV

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