Edgerton Original Pink Gin


Original Pink Gin

Made in London, England.

700ml Bottle Size

43% ABV

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Developed by London No 1 Blue Gin creator and Tea Meister, Martin Edgerton Gill and Dr Stuart of Herb Tea fame.

Edgerton Pink is a Premium Gin distilled from a unique combination of 14 botanicals including Damiana and Grains of Paradise at Thames Distillers in London and owes is rosy hue to a delicate balance of pink added after distillation.

It has a classic Gin style with a rich complexity and a unique balance of Sweet Citrus and Dry Spice notes.

With Tonic the Sweet Orange and Juniper notes open and soften to give an appealingly floral/sweet nose and a touch of sugar plumb to taste followed by a dryer refreshing finish

Original Pink Gin

Made in Kent, England.

700ml Bottle Size

43% ABV

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