Crabbies 1858 Wild Berry Liqueur


Wild Berry Gin Liqueur

Made in Leith, Scotland.

700ml Bottle Size

20% ABV


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Crabbies 1858 Wild Berry Liqueur

Sweet berry flavours combine with fresh juniper and ginger to create a spicy, warming liqueur which is fantastic when drunk neat over ice, or at the heart of a fruity cocktail.

Aroma: POW! Massive hit of berries, sweetness and jam cubes reminiscent of childhood confectionery.

Taste: Blackcurrant is prominent and sweet, sharpened with Scottish raspberries and finished with a slight ginger heat.

Established in Leith, Edinburgh in 1801, CRABBIE is one of the oldest drinks brands in Scotland. John Crabbie was a true pioneer.

He produced exceptional Whisky, Gin, Liqueurs & Ginger wine and was also one of the first ever independent bottlers of Scotch Whisky.

The original Crabbie Gin recipes were found in the archive and date back to 1837.

Rediscovered in 2018, Crabbie Gin is once again being produced in Edinburgh in the same artisanal way.

The  four initial launches are all recreated from different recipes found in the archive and include some unusual botanicals which prove that innovation in making Gin is something that isn’t as recent a phenomenon as many would believe.

This Scottish raspberry, blackcurrant and ginger liqueur is based on another original recipe that dates back over 160 years.


Made in Leith, Scotland.

700ml Bottle Size

20% ABV

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