Benromach Sassicaia


Sassicaia Cask Finish Speyside Single Malt

Made in Speyside, Scotland.

700ml Bottle Size

45% ABV

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Pour yourself a good dram and notice the stunning deep ruby red colour, imparted by the former Sassicaia wine casks from Bolgheri. Now take a few small inhalations and take in the aroma without water… the nose is brimming with luscious red berries and hints of ginger and cinnamon, complemented by a subtle sense of smoke. Now sip and enjoy the taste without water. The initial peppery palate gives way to a ripe fruit bowl of flavours… strawberries, raspberries, orange zest… and you can detect gorgeous milk chocolate drops, too. Add a little water for the aroma with water, noticing the nose opening out… it’s fresh as a breeze with subtle herbs and summer fruits. Now sip it, roll the whisky around your palate and enjoy the full taste with water, peppery with a sweet toffee note followed by a slight saltiness and a subtle smoky edge.

A limited release of 7783 bottles will be available.

This beautiful Benromach Wood Finish is matured in First Fill bourbon barrels, followed by 28 months in Sassicaia casks from the fashionable wine-producing region of Bolgheri in Tuscany.

Made in Speyside, Scotland.

700ml Bottle Size

45% ABV

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8 Years Old



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Sassicaia Finish (Super Tuscan Red)